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Scholars with Autism Achieving Dreams

Scholars-w-AutismValerie Paradiz is a contributor to Scholars with Autism Achieving Dreams (Auricle, 2012), a collection of essays written by adults with autism spectrum diagnoses. 

Edited by Dr. Lars Perner, PhD, Scholars with Autism Achieving Dreams is an anthology of eight inspiring autobiographical journeys about living on the spectrum of autism. All have achieved remarkable academic success despite their challenges, some already with a bestselling book. There's a common myth that living on the spectrum foretells severe disability, failure or worse—institutionalization. This book was published to challenge these notions for families with a son or daughter higher on the autism spectrum. Each contributor's insights and wisdom are evidence of bright, sensitive and successful individuals who have refused to let a diagnosis identify them. They are examples of strength and triumph any of us would be proud to call our own.

More information on Sholars with Autism Achieving Dreams is available at from Auricle Books.